Friday, January 31, 2014


I seriously love taking baby pictures. There is something so tender about their little bodies and their silky soft skin! Alyssa was the sweetest newborn and I really hope you enjoy these images.

 photo DSC_5195bw.jpg
 photo DSC_5156bw.jpg
 photo DSC_5199bw.jpg

Friday, January 24, 2014

Inspiration Shoot

This shoot was seriously so much fun! Hailee Day the makeup, and Alexis Zimmerman did the floral designs. Our models are Megan and Sam Poulsen. The reason we did this shoot was to showcase our talents as well as have a great time! I love when creative people can put their minds together and come up with something wonderful. Also, having a great looking couple didn't hurt! I love the way that they talked to each other and how happy and comfortable they are together. 

 photo DSC_5850.jpg
 photo DSC_5705.jpg

 photo DSC_5848.jpg
 photo DSC_5701.jpg photo DSC_5795.jpg
 photo DSC_5648.jpg
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 photo 2-22.jpg