Saturday, October 8, 2016


This baby is perfection! I think these photos speak for themselves!

 photo 092716276.jpg
 photo 092716318.jpg
 photo 092716321.jpg
 photo 092716308_1.jpg

Ruesch Familiy

I love this family! Right when I first met them I knew they had amazing values and loved each other so much. Addie is our go-to family babysitter, Rachel will definitely be our next babysitter (Ceci is obsessed with her), Cole is a HAM and Anders grows on your heart like a weed. Basically this family is our #familygoals. 

 photo 09171630.jpg
 photo 09171634.jpg
 photo 09171658.jpg
 photo 09171622.jpg

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Maddie & Logan Engagements

It is always so much fun to photograph people that I know! Maddie and I have been friends ever since she moved into my neighborhood. Her and Logan are so in love and it was so fun to capture all of these moments of them. It was so hard to pick just a few to show because I love so many of their photos! 

Florida Vacation

Please excuse this personal post! We went to Florida on vacation last week and it was amazing! This first photo is of my niece Annika. I loved the photo so much I tried to re-create it with my baby, but the second photo was all I could get. Sometimes things don't work out the way you imagine!

One of the photos is of Jake's thumb nail with a tiny tiny frog on it! Soooo cool. The others are just classic tourist photos of the local scenery and wildlife. Enjoy!

Flowers by Mallory!

Have you ever seen a succulent in a bridal bouquet? I love it! Mallory Layton is so great at arranging flowers and I am so grateful she asked me to photograph a few of her creations. Here is my favorite photo of my favorite bouquet. 

Jessica's Maternity Photos

Oh my goodness Jessica you are beautiful! I could not believe how awesome she looked. These photos turned out to be so wonderful and it was fun at the same time!