Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baby Lily

These images are of my very dear niece Lily. When she was born she was so chunky! I could not believe how beautiful she was from the day I met her. She already holds a special place in my heart.

 photo DSC_0616.jpg

 photo DSC_0596.jpg

 photo DSC_0608.jpg

 photo DSC_0535.jpg

 photo DSC_0558.jpg

 photo DSC_0593.jpg

 photo DSC_0599.jpg

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fine Art Project

I took a class at Utah Valley University last semester that was called "Fine Art Photography". We were supposed to communicate an idea through our images. The project I created is entitled "Where the heart is". I wanted to convey the idea that home is where our heart belongs. See if you can figure out what says "home" to me.

 photo 2-21.jpg

 photo 42.jpg

 photo 1-24.jpg

 photo 3-22.jpg

My BFA Project

My "BFA" Project was to apply to the photo program at Utah Valley University. These are the images that I submitted to be accepted. I think they sum up the photographer I have become, and also where I want to go as a photographer. Sorry it has been such a long, long time since I have posted, I will try to be better I promise!

 photo ddbbab07-3ca1-4637-9fec-5009e2b5d4ca.jpg

 photo 11_Logan_10x688.jpg

 photo 14_Jake_648x9653.jpg

 photo 13_Lily_10x6694.jpg

 photo 10_Amelia_10x6694.jpg

 photo 12_Kyron_10x6694.jpg

 photo 7_Adeline_648x9067.jpg

 photo 5_Nicki_10x644.jpg

 photo 9_Nicolas_10x6696.jpg

 photo 4_Amanda_10x6693.jpg

 photo 3_Todd_10x6477.jpg
 photo 2_Joel_10x6693.jpg

 photo 6_Grace_10x6694.jpg