Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baby Lily

These images are of my very dear niece Lily. When she was born she was so chunky! I could not believe how beautiful she was from the day I met her. She already holds a special place in my heart.

 photo DSC_0616.jpg

 photo DSC_0596.jpg

 photo DSC_0608.jpg

 photo DSC_0535.jpg

 photo DSC_0558.jpg

 photo DSC_0593.jpg

 photo DSC_0599.jpg

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fine Art Project

I took a class at Utah Valley University last semester that was called "Fine Art Photography". We were supposed to communicate an idea through our images. The project I created is entitled "Where the heart is". I wanted to convey the idea that home is where our heart belongs. See if you can figure out what says "home" to me.

 photo 2-21.jpg

 photo 42.jpg

 photo 1-24.jpg

 photo 3-22.jpg

My BFA Project

My "BFA" Project was to apply to the photo program at Utah Valley University. These are the images that I submitted to be accepted. I think they sum up the photographer I have become, and also where I want to go as a photographer. Sorry it has been such a long, long time since I have posted, I will try to be better I promise!

 photo ddbbab07-3ca1-4637-9fec-5009e2b5d4ca.jpg

 photo 11_Logan_10x688.jpg

 photo 14_Jake_648x9653.jpg

 photo 13_Lily_10x6694.jpg

 photo 10_Amelia_10x6694.jpg

 photo 12_Kyron_10x6694.jpg

 photo 7_Adeline_648x9067.jpg

 photo 5_Nicki_10x644.jpg

 photo 9_Nicolas_10x6696.jpg

 photo 4_Amanda_10x6693.jpg

 photo 3_Todd_10x6477.jpg
 photo 2_Joel_10x6693.jpg

 photo 6_Grace_10x6694.jpg

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Denise told me not to post any pictures of her, but I liked this one too much. Can you believe how beautiful she is even when she is in her "cleaning clothes"? Denise is my mother-in-law. My father-in-law Tom thinks that this sweatshirt was purchased in the 80's but I think its still awesome. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Please check out these photographers -

I am supposed to emulate them in an assignment.. And it seems impossible. They are phenomenal.


This is the view from our driveway. The blue sky says summer, but my trees say its ten degrees.